Which Nursery Colors Are the Most Calming & Soothing?

The decision to paint the nursery can be a fun one. But let’s be honest—it can be stressful as well. With thousands of colors to choose from, how can you possibly choose just one? Let us help you decide. Learn which nursery colors are the most calming and soothing.

Muted Blue

Muted shades of blue help you relax. When blue surrounds you, it can help lower blood pressure and heart rate. It can also make you feel cool in terms of temperature. This effect on the mind and body can help people sleep at night, including your precious young one. Additionally, this color can reduce anxiety or anger. If you’d like to keep the same color in the room throughout your child’s toddlerhood years, then this could be a great choice. It may help your little one calm down while in the throes of a tantrum. Keep in mind that lighter blues tend to have these effects, while a medium to bold blue may provide an energizing theme. So choose a lighter shade of blue for a calming mood in the nursery.

Soft Green

Soft green provides a sense of security. It reflects a feeling of health and well-being. Green can help reduce anxiety and has an association with concentration. Choose a shade of green wisely. Light to medium greens look best in earthy hues. Sage and moss are great examples of this. Dark green, although still earthy, gives a bolder feeling than a lighter tone.

Simple Neutrals

Simple neutral colors like beige, cream, taupe, warm gray, and white can give a soothing, grounding effect. This can create a safe and cozy atmosphere for your baby. Additionally, neutrals also call less attention to themselves, giving your baby a break from stimulating colors. In turn, they may sleep better in their room. Moreover, neutrals give you more room to choose creative decor pieces of your liking. You could go for luxury crib bedding, pleasant artwork, and textured rugs without overwhelming the space if you keep decorations neutral in color.

Enjoy the fun process of creating an oasis for your baby, and consider using these nursey colors that are the most calming and soothing. Relax with your precious baby while you both enjoy the room you’ve created.