Your baby will feel cozy in our cocoon and beanie sets. These little sleep sacks let your infant snuggle up in a stylish pouch. Each are made of a soft and stretchy jersey knit to provide warmth and security by gently hugging your newborn with a comfort similar to how they feel when wrapped in a swaddle.

The main part of this body sock is like a wearable blanket that is designed to bundle your baby in a cocoon-like snugness. Simply put it on your baby starting at the feet and work your way up to the shoulders. There are no zippers, hook and loop closures or snaps, making these sleeping bags a more comfortable fit for your little one.

These sets make the best baby shower gift for expecting moms and dads! Each package includes a cocoon sleep sack and an adjustable top knot hat that make them perfect going home from the hospital outfits. They are also an adorable infant photography option as photo props when snapping pictures of milestones and special occasions. Available in lots of charming colors and patterns, there is sure to be one that matches your style. Wrap your beautiful little girl in a gorgeous pink or purple shabby chic watercolor garden floral or a whimsical woodland forest animal print. Choose an americana red and white baseball print for your future sports star, or a vintage cowboy and horse print for your little boy. All are designed to coordinate with our crib bedding sets and nursery accessories to tie together a complete look.