When Can Toddlers Start Sleeping With Pillows?

Pillows are soft and wonderful additions to any bed. But even though most children and adults have a stack of decorative pillows on their bed, you'll rarely see a little one with a pillow in their crib. Why?

If you want to learn why young children never seem to sleep with pillows and what the magic age when toddlers can start sleeping with pillows is, you should read on! We'll cover what you need to know about pillows and your child below.

Why Can't Young Children Sleep With Pillows?

While cute and soft, pillows can be a hazard for young children. Because babies canít move around very efficiently, itís not uncommon for them to roll over and wind up face-down on a pillow, which can restrict their breathing. Pillows can also cause your baby to overheat, which is uncomfortable and hazardous. Additionally, young children can use pillows as a step stool to climb out of their crib. For these reasons, itís safest to keep pillows out of your child's crib for the first year or two of their life.

When Can Toddlers Start Using Pillows?

So when can toddlers start sleeping with pillows? Most experts recommend waiting until your toddler is at least 18 months old before introducing them to pillows. However, some recommend waiting until they reach the two-year milestone just to be safe.

By 18 months, children can move much better. They can easily roll their head to the side when sleeping on their bellies. They can also regulate their own body temperature more efficiently. And since kids of this age tend to use toddler beds that are close to the ground instead of lofty cribs, you wonít have to worry about them going over the railing.

What Kind of Pillows Are Best for My Child?

Your tot's pillow should be small, thin, and firm. Firm pillows might not be as comfortable as feathery-soft pillows, but theyíre better at supporting your toddler's neck. You should also use pillows made of hypoallergenic and untreated material to keep allergies at bay. Once you consider those requirements, feel free to decorate their bed to match their room to make the space more attractive to your child.

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