Toddler Bedding vs. Crib Bedding: Is There a Difference?

Your little one is about to make the transition from crib to bed. But as the date of this monumental event draws near, you have one question running through your mind—is there a difference between toddler bedding and crib bedding? Do I have to buy new bedding when all I'm doing is removing the guard rail from the crib?

Toddler sheets and crib sheets are different from each other, but how different, exactly? Sweet JoJo Designs outlines the similarities and differences in this handy guide for parents.

Crib Bedding

Most crib sheets are 52 by 28 inches and approximately eight inches thick, though this varies depending on the exact shape and size of your crib. Apart from the fitted sheet, babies don't need much else in their crib. In fact, decor items like blankets and pillows are dangerous to young babies because they pose a suffocation risk.

However, many parents will adorn their baby's crib with blankets, crib skirts, pillows, stuffed animals, and other charming accessories during the day and take them out during nap and bedtime.

Toddler Bedding

Most standard toddler sheets are the exact size and thickness of crib sheets. If you're using a convertible crib, you can reuse the same fitted sheets from your baby's crib. But not all toddler mattresses are the same size, so if you're buying a new bed, check the dimensions to see if you need new sheets or if you can use your old ones.

Is there a difference between toddler bedding and crib bedding? Most fitted crib sheets will fit a toddler mattress but there are some differences to consider when deciding if you want to use your crib bedding set on your toddler bed. For example, a crib comforter, which shouldn’t be used during sleep for a baby, will likely be smaller than a toddler comforter, which is usually designed to fall over the edge of the mattress for a finished look. And a bed skirt made for a crib usually has four sides, whereas a toddler bed skirt typically as three sides. At age 18 months, you can safely begin to introduce blankets, pillows, and other bedtime accessories into your tot's night routine. Most crib bedding sets include a fitted sheet and a few small crib accessories. Toddler bedding sets include much more—a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, a pillowcase, and a comforter along with other decorative touches like dust ruffles or shams to make your toddler’s bed look like a big kid’s bed.

Should You Reuse Crib Sheets?

That depends! Reusing crib sheets for your toddler's bed is a great way to save money and comfortably transition into a big kid bed. With that said, the toddler years are the stage where children are starting to form personalities and opinions of their own. Letting your child help pick out sheets for their new bed can be a great experience that makes them feel grown-up and allows them to freely express their blossoming individuality. As the parent, the choice is ultimately yours—do what you think is best for you and your family.

But if you do decide to shop for new sheets, Sweet Jojo Designs has your back. We have durable, machine-washable 5-piece toddler bedding sets that come in a variety of colorful, fun, and luxurious designs and our large variety of crib sheets fit most standard toddler mattresses. You're sure to find something that both you and your tot love!