Storage Tips for Keeping Your Kidsí Bedrooms Clutter-Free

Do you get chills whenever you walk into your childís room? If you dread seeing laundry piled up on the armchair and toys scattered haphazardly on the rug, it might be time to declutter. Decluttering a childís room is hard work, but weíve compiled four storage tips for keeping your kidsí bedroom clutter-free to help you do it successfully.

Include Your Kids in the Process

Try to include your child in the cleaning process as much as possible. Itís their bedroom, after all, and their stuff. It doesnít feel great to have someone redecorate your entire room or throw away your favorite things without asking first.

Of course, this doesnít mean you should leave their room a mess just because they ďlike it that way.Ē But if your child throws a fit when you try to move a piece of furniture or throw something out, thatís your cue to ask them why theyíre upset and work with them to find a solution.

A Bottom-Up Approach

An adultís first instinct is usually to start cleaning the shelves and other tall places. Thatís because these items are closest to eye level and the most easily accessible. But your child canít see that high up, and if you start by cleaning the places they canít see and donít care about, they may grow bored and disengage from the cleaning process. Instead, work from the ground up and find places for your childís clothes and toys before you tinker with decor and other small details. This will keep them engaged with the task at hand.

Dispose of Unused and Unwanted Items

The next storage tip for keeping your kidsí bedroom clutter-free is to start with the stuff you and your child donít need or want. Most children wonít resist you tossing or donating their old baby clothes and the toys they donít use anymore, so this should be a fairly painless process. As a rule, if your child hasnít used an item in more than six months or if the item is visibly damaged or worn, you should donate it or toss it.

Use Storage Cubes for Organization

Storage cubes are lifesavers! They donít just make it easy for you to tidy up; they also help kids stay organized. Place storage cubes in a place your child can reach and label each cube. One cube can be for books, one for building blocks, and so on. Also, the labels make it easy for your child to remember where things go.

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