Essential Nursery Items All First-Time Parents Need

As you become a parent, don’t let the essential nursey items that all first-time parents need slip your mind. Let us help you narrow down what you need by focusing on the basics so that you can rest easy. Be confident that you have everything you need before your special new addition joins your family.



Many parents choose bassinets for their babies to sleep in when they first come home from the hospital. The benefit of a bassinet is that you can keep your newborn close to you during the first few months of their life. It’s a safe option as you navigate feedings and diaper changes in the middle of the night.

Crib and Crib Mattress

After several months in their bassinets, most babies are ready for their cribs. But don’t wait to purchase one while you’re in the throes of new parenthood. Try to purchase one before baby comes so that you can complete their room. Check the crib off your list now so that it’s one less thing you must worry about later.


This is your opportunity to bring life to your baby’s room before they even enter it. Choose a theme that will embody the new person coming into your home. Sweet Jojo Designs offers whimsical high-end children’s bedding, from quilts to blankets to crib sheets.



You’ll need four-ounce baby bottles to start. As your baby grows, they’ll eventually graduate to eight-ounce bottles. Buy several different nipple types for your bottles to save yourself from late-night or early-morning trips to the store; each baby is different, and you’ll want to be prepared ahead of time.

Bottle Brushes

Don’t slave over the kitchen sink in between feedings—buy a simple bottle brush that will make bottle-cleaning as efficient as possible.


Even if you plan to breastfeed, have some formula in the house for an emergency. Babies can lose weight when they first come home, and your pediatrician may suggest that you supplement breastmilk with formula to help your baby gain some more weight.

Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow can make feeding time more comfortable for you and your little one. Make sure you have extra nursing pillow covers so that you can swap out clean ones when messes happen—and you know they will!

Diaper Changes


This may be a no-brainer, but make sure you have enough diapers to last awhile, whether you decide to use cloth or disposable. Taking a newborn to the store to get more diapers can be an exhausting adventure, so the fewer the trips you must make, the better. Stock up on newborn to size two diapers ahead of time.

Diaper Pail

Allocate a specific spot in your baby’s room for a diaper pail, and prepare to dispose of some not-so-pretty smells. You have the option to purchase scented bags, which will cut back on the foul odor, and the diaper pail design will keep the diapers tightly enclosed. This prevents the odors from escaping into the room.

Baby Wipes

As with diapers, try to stock up on baby wipes before baby comes. Many diaper changes later, you’ll thank yourself for purchasing wipes in bulk. Keep in mind that unscented wipes are less likely to irritate your baby’s skin.

Changing Pad

Having a designated area to change your bundle of joy will make getting into your new routine a cinch. Setting up a changing pad with all your go-to diapering supplies organized and within reach will make changing time quick and easy. And just as with the nursing pillow, don’t forget to pick up extra changing pad covers to replace dirty ones while they’re in the wash.

Congratulations to your family as it grows! Keep these essential nursery items all first-time parents need in mind as you make this transition. Find joy in the process of the nursery coming together, and find even more joy in your baby.