7 Useful Redecorating Tips for Tween Bedrooms

7 Useful Redecorating Tips for Tween Bedrooms

For tweens, the bedroom is a sacred place. It's a spot where they can show off their individuality and get privacy during this tumultuous period in their lives.

If your tween's bedroom hasn't changed much since they were a baby, it might be time for a remodel. Redecorating your tween's bedroom to suit their personality will give them a space where they can freely explore their interests and continue to grow.

For many parents, “remodel” is a daunting word, but it doesn't have to be. To help you with your redecorating journey, here are seven useful redecorating tips for tween bedrooms.

Include Storage

If you thought your child had a lot of stuff when they were babies, you're in for a real shock now that they're tweens! Fashion is paramount when you're in your tweens, which means full closets. And of course, they need room for all their school supplies. They'll also need space for all their posters and other collections. The point is, they need storage, and a lot of it!

For tweens with small bedrooms, modular furniture is a lifesaver. Look for beds with drawers underneath, cube organizers, and ottomans with built-in storage. And don't forget to utilize vertical space—open shelves are great for displaying action figures, framed photos, and other small pieces of decor.

Keep It Trendy

Tweens work hard to keep up their image. They want to always look cool, and part of looking cool means adhering to the latest trends. Be prepared for your tween to reject anything that isn't trendy. Currently, modern, bohemian, Scandinavian, and minimalist bedrooms are all the rage. If you want to satisfy your tween's high standards, look for pieces that match these themes! And if you’re not sure what’s trendy, just ask—your tween will fill you in.

Fill It With Personality

Most importantly, you'll want to fill your tween's room with plenty of personality! What's your child's personality? What kind of things do they like? Do they have any hobbies?

If your tween is the crafty type, they'll want plenty of room to work on their craft. A big desk, a big bookshelf, and unique decor for inspiration will help them get creative. If your tween is a musician in the making, display records and band posters on the wall and create a comfy corner where they can jam out. If your tween is a fashionista, they'll need a place to store and model their collection of clothes. A vanity will help them organize their hair accessories, jewelry, perfumes, and makeup.

Whatever kind of person your tween is, you should create a room that reflects them. Home is where the heart is, after all, and if there's no heart in their bedroom, they won't want to spend time in it.

Upgrade the Furniture

One big reason parents consider redecorating their tween's room is because said tween has outgrown their current room. Maybe the cutesy pastel walls aren't their taste anymore. Or maybe a recent growth spurt makes them look like a giant next to their tiny furniture pieces.

If the latter is the case, you'll need to upgrade your child's furniture to match their current age and size. This means getting a new double or queen-sized bed with new bedding to match, getting a taller desk, and getting chairs they actually fit in! Your child will appreciate the extra space and will be much more comfortable.

Give Them Options

When your child was little, you made most of the decisions regarding their room. You may have let them pick out a color for the walls or the kind of bedding they wanted, but the choice in furniture and decor was all you. But now that your child is a tween, they're old enough to make their own decisions regarding their room. Including them in the redecorating process will make them feel respected and trusted. It will also ensure they love the result!

Of course, you'll be the one paying for the upgrade, so you ultimately have the final say. But if it's within your budget, let your child choose the kind of furniture and decor they want for their new room.

Make Room for Friends

Your tween will want to invite their friends over from time to time. And while the living room isn't the worst room for hangouts, it's not the best, either. The blare of the TV, inquisitive siblings, and other distractions can put a damper on their get-together.

Another useful redecorating tip for tween bedrooms is to make room for friends. Turning your tween's bedroom into a friend-friendly space gives them somewhere quiet and private they can host their besties. They can chat and gossip in peace and work on group projects without constant interruptions. A good hangout space will have plenty of comfortable seating for all your tween's friends and a big table they can sit around to play games or work on homework.

Enhance Privacy

The tween and teen years are emotionally and physically tough. Your tween will likely act crabbier and more distant than usual. And while you don't want them to retreat entirely, giving them more space isn't necessarily a bad thing. Privacy gives your child the time and space they need to work through their emotions and find themselves.

Room dividers, whether the wooden or fabric sort, allow your teen to "close off" certain areas of their room when they want privacy. They can use them near their desk when they need quiet time to study, for example. A do not disturb sign is another convenient and constructive way for your child to communicate to you that they need time alone. Finally, if your tween has siblings with the tendency to break into their room and rummage through their stuff, it doesn't hurt to get them a safe storage place for their special things. A tall shelf or a lockable drawer will work wonders.

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7 Useful Redecorating Tips for Tween Bedrooms