3 Ways To Motivate Your Child To Make Their Bed Every Day

Your child is old enough to start helping out around the house. This is a great thing for both you and them! Giving your child chores can help them develop life skills and a sense of independence. It can also lessen the load on you since you won't have to do everything by yourself.

One common first chore that parents entrust their kids with is making the bed. Some kids pick up on this skill quickly, but others have a harder time learning—or they resist doing chores entirely! If your child is struggling to learn or is firmly anti-chore, here are three ways to motivate your child to make their bed every day.

Reward and Reinforce

Rewarding your child each time they successfully make their bed lets them know you appreciate their effort, which encourages them to keep up the behavior. Conversely, not rewarding your child for this new behavior can discourage them.

The reward you choose to give your child can be anything from words of praise to a new toy or a small allowance. As your child grows, making the bed will become intuitive, and they'll start to see it as a normal part of their daily routine, thus lessening and eventually eliminating the need for a reward.

Start Small and Work Your Way Up

Another way to motivate your child to make their bed every day is to start small and work your way up. Letting your child practice with a doll bed before moving onto a real bed has various benefits. Because the doll bed is smaller, your child will be able to see and understand what they need to do more easily. Making a doll bed is also a lot more fun than making a real bed because it feels less like a chore. Your child will love to tuck their doll into bed!

Make It a Game, Not a Chore

Some children love to do chores, but others think chores are boring. If your child is part of the latter group, it's imperative to find a way to make this chore fun. Different kids find different things fun, but a few methods you can try are as follows:

Another way to motivate your child to make their bed every day is to make their bedding fun! Your child will enjoy making their bed much more when their bedding is covered in friendly woodland animals, boho rainbows, delightful florals, or other colorful, whimsical prints. Sweet JoJo Designs has kid's twin-size bedding sets in a variety of creative designs that both parents and kids will love. Shop with us today for bedding and other accessories that will make your child's nursery or bedroom playful!