10 Gender-Neutral Nursery Themes Youíll Love

Check out these ten gender-neutral nursery themes youíll love. Let them inspire you to create a room that is perfect for your newest addition. From colors and furniture to accessories and plants, every little bit contributes to a perfectly curated room.

Modern Tranquility

Create a beautiful nursery that exudes serenity. Think of creams, white wood, soft textures, and a hint of gold or silver. If you decide to choose a warm-toned, neutral wall color, try to use gold accents within the room. If you chose a cool-toned, neutral wall color, silver would be a better choice in accents. When you have a neutral room, added textures give the eye focal points to look at. A sheep-skin rug may be a great choice to give the room added luxury and warmth. Shop around for gender-neutral crib bedding sets to keep the theme. The goal is to keep the room monotoned and serene for you and baby.

Coastal Blues

A coastal theme can look classic, preppy, and still unisex. Navy and white will carry throughout this room best. Add pops of color like yellow and red. This theme provides the opportunity for a nautical accent wall. A patterned wallpaper or bold paint color will make this room pop. Boat bookshelves, oars and anchors, and rope decor will tie this theme together.

Forest Friends

Forest friends is a perfect combination of whimsical yet calming for a nursery. Soft blues and greens are a good choice of colors. Choose decor with a rustic flair. Espresso- and white-finished furniture looks best in a forest-friends-themed room. Add favorite woodland animals throughout the room and place faux greenery on shelves or a bookcase. These will bring the room to life and provide that grounded feeling you get within nature.

Around the World

The possibilities are endless! Choose a mode of transportation, such as a hot air balloon, airplane, or train. Place a wall decal of your choice on the wall. Next, choose a few favorite travel locations from around the world. You could find postcards of these locations and frame them for a vintage flare. If that isnít your style, find a modern map that can make a bold statement on a wall of your choice.

Counting Sheep

This kind of design is best described as pure. All-white will get this theme across best. Select a white rocker, white crib, and white curtains. Consider a sheep mobile, rocker, and unisex bedspread with clouds. Find sheep artwork that you enjoy looking at. Purchase four prints and frame them above the changing table. Add pops of grey to keep things neutral, and for some added whimsy, consider a grey and white polka dot rug.

Shades of Green

Green provides a feeling of peace. What better choice than green for your babyís unisex nursery. Choose a sage green that you can paint your walls with. Pick up a green unisex bedding, quilt, or blanket. Want something more than just green? Branch into black and white. Find a black and white geometric patterned rug for added interest. Faux plants and rustic woods will keep this room on-trend.

Bold Boho

If you enjoy the boho vibe, this is the choice for you. Purchase or learn to create some macrame wall art. This artwork could be hung on the wall as an eye-catching piece. It will set the tone for the theme of the room. Look into subtle tie-dye or cream-colored bedding for a more subtle look.

You can also add whicker throughout the room to achieve those boho vibes. This could be in the form of rattan accents, such as a long moses basket for a changing pad, or even an ottoman. Let an accordion-style hanger claim a wall and drape your favorite baby clothes, blankets, or clothes from it. And, of course, add a faux or non-edible house plant within the room. Be sure the pot it sits in matches the theme. You may need to change it out for one that has some whicker on it. This bohemian paradise will provide a defined personality and still look chic.

Vintage Nursery

Itís time to hit those flea markets and estate sales. Find a vintage quilt for an added statement to drape over your babyís crib. More antique items can be placed on shelves or a bookcase. Mix new with old and find and vintage-style rug to match your colors of choice. Shades of brown leather for an ottoman, poof, or rocking chair will match the style and provide a different texture to the room.

Western Fairytale

Bring the west into your nursery. A western-style rug will help bring this bold statement to your babyís room. This could include a Navajo style or even cowhide rug. Purchase prints of western animals and place them in rustic wood frames. Hang them over the changing table. A horse rocker next to the crib will bring that western feel into your babyís room as well. Find a couple of gender-neutral western hats to hang on the walls. This will be another bold statement for your theme. Rather than faux greenery, find faux prairie grass to add a natural element to the room. Think of cacti blankets or throws to drape over the crib.

Gorgeous in Gray

Soft tones always make a room feel peaceful. Choose a bold grey patterned wallpaper and add it to the accent wall. Search for small wooden accents to add throughout the room. A classic look like this also calls for real flowers. Add fresh flowers like tulips somewhere out of your babyís reach. A large mirror will also open the space up and make it look larger. This will help keep its classic look while adding appeal to the walls.

Nest and enjoy the process. Use this guide to ten gender-neutral nursery themes youíll love when designing the nursery of your dreams. The choice of a theme can be the hardest partóthe fun part comes after you choose one. Be creative and invite others to help you make the perfect oasis for your baby.

10 Gender-Neutral Nursery Themes Youíll Love: 1. Modern Tranquility, 2. Coastal Blues, 3. Forest Friends, 4. Around the World, 5. Counting Sheep, 6. Shades of Green, 7. Bold Boho, 8. Vintage Nursery, 9. Western Fairytale, 10. Gorgeous in Gray