10 Cute & Practical Baby Shower Gift Ideas

10 Cute & Practical Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby showers are fun and exciting events! But before you can enjoy the shower with friends, family, and the lucky parents, you first need to find a suitable gift. Shopping for baby showers can be tough, especially if there's no registry for you to reference—or if most of the gifts on the registry have already been purchased by other guests!

But don't fret—we're here to help. If you're not sure what to get expecting parents for their baby shower, here are ten cute and practical baby shower gift ideas that you can use as inspiration. These gifts are sure to be a hit. They aren't just adorable—they're things the parents-to-be will get plenty of use out of once their bundle of joy arrives. From musical mobiles to self-care kits, here are some of the top baby shower gifts.

Nursery Cubes

Babies need a lot of things. But when you're a busy parent, organizing all those things can be complicated! Nursery storage cubes are a cute and convenient solution to nursery clutter. Parents can quickly toss items inside to keep the nursery clean when they're in a rush. Nursery bins are also a great way to teach kids how to stay organized when they grow up. Parents can label each box, so their child knows exactly where all their toys and other items go.

Baby Utensils

It'll take a few months before babies can stomach solid foods, but when it comes time to introduce them into their diet, they'll need baby-friendly utensils to eat with. Adult-sized utensils are too big for babies to hold and can be unsafe with their sharp ends, so parents typically use small plastic utensils with soft ends instead. A set of small and colorful dishes and utensils will ensure parents are prepared when it comes time to make the switch from milk to mush.

Musical Mobile

Musical mobiles don't just look adorable—they're also stimulating for babies and can calm them with their gentle sounds.

Parents will love a mobile that matches the nursery decor—you can get an animal-adorned mobile for a woodland-themed room or a flower mobile for a botanical nursery. You also have the choice between various sounds. Some mobiles play lovely lullabies, while others play soft and soothing white noise.

A Sound Machine

Like musical mobiles, a sound machine can help lull fussy babies to sleep. Sound machines might not be as visually stimulating as mobiles, but they make up for that with the long list of sounds they can play. With so many noises to choose from, from rolling waves to pattering rain to lullabies, parents are bound to find one that's like music to their baby's ears.

Diaper Bag Set

A diaper bag is essential for parents on the go. A diaper bag set complete with a bag, bottle holder, pacifier pouch, wipes case, and changing pad provides parents with all the room they need to store the essentials. With this gift, they'll be able to confidently take their baby anywhere.

Swaddle Blankets

Babies like to be swaddled because the tight hug of the blanket mimics human touch. Swaddling a baby comforts them and helps them fall asleep, which parents will be grateful for. But wait, it gets better—swaddling isn't the only thing you can use swaddling blankets for. You can also use swaddling blankets as burp cloths, nursing covers, tummy time mats, and more! Parents will get a lot of use out of these versatile blankies, which makes them one of the best baby shower gifts.

A Bedding Set

Even if the parents-to-be already have crib bedding, it doesn't hurt to buy them another set. That way, they have a spare in case the original set gets dirty (and at some point, it will)!

When you're shopping for crib bedding, keep the color scheme and theme of their nursery in mind. You don't want to get pink sheets for a blue room or a truck pattern for a nursery covered head-to-toe in unicorns, or else the crib and the rest of the nursery will clash.

Matching Outfits

Are they a little bit cheesy? Sure. But you can't deny that they're also pretty cute. The soon-to-be parents are sure to get a laugh—and a lot of use—out of a set of matching clothes for parents and baby. Whether you pick out shirts with silly and witty sayings on them or jammies with coordinating patterns, this gift is sure to be a success.

A Self-Care Kit

Your baby shower gift doesn't necessarily need to be for the baby. Another cute and practical baby shower gift idea is creating a self-care basket. A self-care kit for the soon-to-be parents is a gift that will surely be appreciated! But what should your self-care kit include? Here are some useful items to add to your kit:

Taking care of a newborn is tiring. Many new parents forsake their own needs so they can focus on their little one. But if they start to feel overwhelmed, they can use the items in your self-care kit to take a brief respite that will re-energize them.

A Gift Card

A gift card might seem like a plain gift, but it's actually one of the most convenient presents you can get new parents! Parents can use prepaid Visa gift cards on whatever they want, whether that's new clothes for baby or a relaxing date. If you know what stores the soon-to-be parents like to shop at, you can also get them gift cards specifically for those stores. A gift card to a baby store or toy shop would make a great present.

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10 Cute & Practical Baby Shower Gift Ideas