10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Expectant Parents

If it seems like everyone you know is expecting a bundle of joy soon, this list is for you. Some future parents are easier to shop for than others. If you have an expectant parent or two to shop for, you might be wondering what to get them. Do you buy them items for their baby? Or stick to gifts just for them? If you're feeling stuck, here are ten gift ideas for expectant parents.

Crib Bedding

The crib is the focal point of every nursery. Help the expectant moms and dads in your life dress up their nursery by gifting them a baby bedding set that includes the necessities—a blanket, crib skirt, diaper stacker, and a fitted sheet. Don't forget to ask them about their nursery theme before you buy, though—the last thing you want is to choose a set that clashes with their vision for the rest of the room.

The set you buy should be high-quality and easy to wash. Parents lead busy lives, so the less work it takes to maintain, the better!

Musical Mobile

Musical mobiles provide stimulation for your baby while they spend time in their crib. They can also help soothe fussy babies during nap time. Mobiles come in a variety of fun and colorful designs, which makes coordinating them with existing nursery furniture and décor easy. You can also find mobiles that play a wide range of sounds, from white noise to gentle lullabies.

Expectant parents will love this thoughtful gift that ensures their baby sleeps soundly through the night.

Toy Storage

Toys are vital to a baby's development. They engage the five senses—touch, hearing, sight, smell, and taste—and help babies develop their coordination, imagination, and motor skills. Babies don't actually need toys for the first few weeks of their lives, but once they start to play with them, they outgrow them quickly.

A toy bin or box full of toys for different age ranges will go a long way and is a wonderful gift for soon-to-be parents. You have a lot of options when it comes to toys, so have fun with them! Rattles, soft cloth books, and stuffed animals are good choices for newborns, while blocks, musical toys, and push-and-pull toys will keep them occupied as they learn and grow.

Ultrasound Frame

Ultrasounds provide expectant parents with that special first look at their baby. Because that first ultrasound is so sentimental, most parents bring them home and keep them for years to come. Some tuck them safely into a scrapbook, while others proudly pin them up on the fridge.

Another great gift idea for expectant parents is an ultrasound frame. A frame allows parents to hang their ultrasound on the wall where they can look at it every day and admire the little life that's on the way. You can choose a frame that fits one ultrasound or a wider frame designed to fit three—one for each trimester.


Just because parents should avoid putting pillows in the crib for the first 18 months doesn't mean they can't use them to decorate other parts of the nursery. They look great on rocking chairs and in playpen tents, and once the baby reaches a year and a half, parents can use them to adorn their crib.

Speaking of parents, don't leave them out of the equation! Maternity pillows are invaluable to expectant parents. They improve common pregnancy conditions like heartburn and leg cramps and make it easier to sleep. Even non-pregnant partners can appreciate how soft and comfortable pregnancy pillows are.

For a holiday gift, pick a maternity pillow and a few small decorative pillows for the nursery and coordinate them with matching covers. The soon-to-be-be parents will be overwhelmed with joy when they unwrap this adorable and functional present.

Baby Clothes

Babies go through clothes at the speed of light! During the first six months, they grow five to seven ounces a week and an inch a month. First-time parents might not realize this and buy clothes that will only fit the baby for the first few weeks post-arrival.

A gift of baby clothes in an assortment of sizes will come in handy as their baby progresses through their first year.

Gift Card

A gift card may seem boring and plain, but it's one of the most versatile presents you can bestow upon soon-to-be parents. They can use a prepaid Visa at a wide variety of locations, from online stores to retail locations to eateries. Parents can spend the gift card money as they see fit, whether that means buying pregnancy items or baby items, or funding a romantic date night before their bundle of joy arrives.

Self-Care Kit

Soon-to-be parents need lots of baby stuff, sure. But chances are, everyone they know will shower them in stuff specifically for the baby. That means dozens of gifts for baby and few for parents. Gifting parents a self-care kit shows them that you haven't forgotten them in the baby craze and gives them the means to de-stress during this busy time in their lives.

Storage Solutions

As a parent, keeping the house organized can seem like an impossible feat. Set the expectant parents on your list up for success with foolproof storage solutions like closet dividers, diaper caddies, cube storage bins, over-the-door storage, and more! With plenty of places to store stray items, they'll be able to keep the nursery—and the rest of their abode—sparkling clean.

Holiday Accessories

Becoming a parent is a huge milestone! Help the expectant parents on your list celebrate this occasion for years to come with a holiday ornament for their Christmas tree, a dreidel engraved with their baby's name, or another holiday-themed accessory they can display with pride and joy every holiday season.

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10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Expectant Parents: 1. Crib Bedding, 2. Musical Mobile, 3. Toy Storage, 4. Ultrasound Frame, 5. Pillows, 6. Baby Clothes, 7. Gift Card, 8. Self-Care Kit, 9. Storage Solutions, 10. Holiday Accessories Learn More At