Things To Consider When Redecorating Your Childís Room

Thinking about redoing your little one's room? Redecorating is a long, tiring but fun process. Seeing the smile on your child's face as they run and play in their new room makes the effort worthwhile.

To help you on your interior design journey, we cover four things to consider when redecorating your child's room. Keep these in mind, and your room facelift is sure to be a success.

The Design

The design is one of the most important parts of decorating your child's room. Do you have a theme? What colors and patterns do you want to use? Should you use wooden furniture or metal furniture? If you want a cohesive design, you should choose a theme and a color palette.

Make a laid-back hangout space with a boho theme using a mix of neutral colors and interesting textures. Or turn your child's room into a mythical fairytale forest with earthy colors and animal-themed furniture, bedding, walls, and playthings. Your options are endless, so channel your inner creativity and reach for the stars.


As children get older, they ultimately outgrow lots of their stuff! Youíll eventually need to swap out their crib for a twin bed, restock their closet, and replace old toys. This is also the perfect time to transition from a juvenile theme, such as baby barn animals, into a more modern big kid theme, such as rustic woodland creatures. The easiest time to make these swaps is during a complete room makeover. Identify what you want to keep and what you donít need anymore and adjust your plans accordingly.


Another thing to consider when redesigning your child's room is functionality. You want your child's room to look lovely, but you also want it to be usable. Try to keep clutter to a minimum. This will result in a neater and safer space for your little one. Have plenty of easy-to-access storage containers for their toys and clothes so that your child can help keep their room nice and tidy. Overall, you want your child's room to be functional for you and them. When redecorating, you should consider both your needs and theirs.

What Does Your Child Want?

A baby can't voice their opinions on interior design, but toddlers and older children tend to be an opinionated bunch! You don't want your child to dictate the entire setup of their room, though. If they have it entirely their way, you might end up with a highly eclectic and not-so-functional space.

But since it's their room, itís a great idea to ask them about their opinions. This ensures you and your child are happy with the result. Ask your child what they want for the roomís theme, what colors and patterns they like, and simple one-or-the-other questions. For instance, you could ask, "Would you prefer the bed in that corner or that one?" Doing this gives them a small amount of control over their room and what itíll look like.

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