The Most Popular Nursery Colors for Girls in 2022

As you eagerly prepare for the arrival of your baby girl, you'll spend lots of time in brick-and-mortar stores and on web stores looking for the perfect pieces for the nursery.

But before you start filling the nursery with cute furniture and whimsical decor, you'll need to choose a theme and a color scheme! If you're trying to choose a nursery color but can't make up your mind, then here are six of the most popular nursery colors for girls in 2022 to spark inspiration and help you decide.


Pink is a classic nursery color for baby girls. It represents adoration, warmth, and compassion, which all parents want to give their children. A dusty or blush pink will fill the room with love without being too overbearing.

Baby Blue

Another one of the most popular nursery colors for girls in 2022 is baby blue. A soft baby blue will make your little girl’s nursery feel serene. People associate blue with calmness and sleep, making it the perfect shade for fussy or skittish newborns.


Many of us link gray with dreary, rainy days. But that doesn’t make gray a bad color. A light or medium gray will make your baby's nursery look modish and refined. And because gray is a neutral color, it works for girls of all ages. Most kids will be fine with this color long-term. Therefore, there won’t be a need to repaint the room as they grow and their tastes change.


Lavender is the perfect compromise between blue and pink. This dainty color will make any nursery look cute and classy. And because purple represents serenity and wisdom, you can be sure your child will have sweet dreams and learn plenty in their lavender paradise.


Bring a touch of nature into your girl's room with stunning sage green. Green creates a sense of security so that your baby will feel safe. Also, it can create an air of studiousness, improving concentration and memory, which can be useful when your child reaches school age. Pair a sage green with other earthy colors to create a room where your child feels at one with the earth.


Some parents would describe their children as angels from above. Create a heavenly haven for your angel with bright whites and creamy ivory. If white alone is too harsh on the eyes, you can mellow it with neutral and earthy tones and furniture made of natural materials.

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