5 Unique Ways To Present Your Baby Shower Gift

Do you have a baby shower soon? Want to get creative with how you wrap your present? Check out these five unique ways to present your baby shower gift. Wow mom and dad and add a special touch to a special day.

Nursery Storage Cubes

What better way to store those adorable baby shower gifts than foldable fabric toy bins? These bins will give you more than enough room, and theyíre functional as well. Save the hostess the strain of having to throw away more gift wrap paper. Storage bins will help her move gifts from the venue to the vehicle, and back home. Itís likely the storage bins will also provide the nursery with organization, a much-appreciated gift even if it isnít in the nursery registry.

Fabric Gift Wrap

Find a muslin, swaddle, or thin blanket that matches the baby showerís theme. Wrap the gift with the cute fabric and tie it in a knot on top. This unique way to present your baby shower gift is functional as well. After a good, clean wash, the fabric should return to its normal shape, then itís ready for a baby to use.

Baby Bathtub

Usually a baby bathtub, wash, and bath toys are on the baby shower registry. Purchase the bathtub and fill it up other bathtub items. Add in our favorite security blanket or cocoon for expecting parents to wrap their little one in after bath time. Regardless of the baby shower theme, this gift will look complete because all the gifts are under the bathtub theme. Wrap it in clear, cellophane wrap and tie a bow around it.

Lullaby Gift Wrap

This is a simple yet adorable way to present a baby shower gift. As a bonus, it is cost effective. First, wrap your gift in kraft paper. Next, choose a baby lullaby. Take a sharpie and write out the lyrics on the kraft paper. If you donít trust your writing skills, you can have a stamp created with the lyrics and include it with the gift.


Purchase customizable gift wrap paper for baby shower gifts. Etsy is a great choice if you decide to take this route. Ask the shop owner if they can customize gift wrap with a monogram. This will add a sweet and personal touch to the gift. Mom or Dad will be impressed when they go to open it.

Have confidence in the way you wrap your baby shower gift. Make it unique so that it stands out and benefits this special day as a whole. Keep these five unique ways to present your baby shower gift in mind.